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Wecome Everyone

Thank you for the interest in the 2017 North American Vehicle Rescue Challenge hosted by the Enfield Volunteer Fire Department.

This year’s event will be held from Sept.13 to the 17th at Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Challenge will be limited to 20 qualifying teams. All teams competing in the event must be registered with TERC. Visit www.terccanada.ca for details.

Below you will find a download for the Registration Checklist, Team Registration Form, Team Waiver, Accomodation information and contact information. Please ensure all parts of the registration are completed before submitting.

Enfield is located in East Hants and is adjacent to the Bay of Fundy which was in the running for the New 7 Wonders of the World. The tides in Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy are the highest in the world. Twice a day 115 billion tones of water move in and out of the 160 mile long v-shaped pocket of sea-water allowing the more adventurous to enjoy white water rafting.

Nova Scotia has much to enjoy while you are here. Halifax, our largest city is 25 minutes away from the airport and we hope you will have an opportunity to visit and explore our local attractions such as Peggy’s Cove, Swiss Air Flight 111 Memorial, Maritime Museum (hosts many artifacts from the Titanic), Historical sites include Alexander Graham Bell Museum, Fortress Louisburg, Citadel Hill and many more

We hope that you will come for the challenge and stay a little longer to enjoy our Nova Scotia hospitality. For further information on what to see and do in Nova Scotia, please visit https://www.novascotia.com/en/home/planyourtrip/travel_guides/default.aspx

If you require further information, please contact:
Cecil Dixon - cecil.fire@hotmail.com - 902-883-9764

Facebook - North American Vehicle Extrication Challenge - hosted by Enfield Fire

Download the Registration Package Here